About Partner Lister

Everyone Needs a Partners Page

Almost every business has partners, and most like to showcase their partners proudly on their own websites on their partners page, or sometimes even on the homepage.  But, copying, cropping, and uploading logos can be a waste of time, and up looking messy.  Not only that, but then they have to be updated periodically.

That’s where we come in. 
 It’s much better to use something standardized that updates itself.  Even better, it can be copy and pasted in seconds, saving time and eliminating hassle.

Use PartnerLister to showcase your partner logos on your own website with ease, for free.  Just go to our homepage and type in the names of your partners, and we’ll generate a nice clean set of logos for your website.  Simply copy & paste the code provided to your own Partners webpage, and you’re up and running.  We’ll provide the images, and update them as companies update their own logos.